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Unexpected arrival on Japan flight

15 May 2015 11:49

It is a good idea for pregnant women to arrange specialist travel insurance when they are heading abroad

It is a good idea for pregnant women to arrange specialist travel insurance when they are heading abroad

The number of passengers on an Air Canada flight increased by one by the time it reached its destination of Tokyo when a mum on board gave birth unexpectedly.

Ada Guan, 23, from Victoria in British Columbia, had no idea she was pregnant but she went into labour over the Pacific Ocean and gave birth to Chloe with the help of three doctors who, as luck would have it, were also on the flight from Calgary.

Mums-to-be can arrange pregnancy travel insurance to cover them if they give birth or need medical treatment while they are abroad.

The crew of the plane were relieved to find the doctors were on board after asking the passengers if any of them had medical experience.

Fittingly the aircraft landed in Japan on Mother's Day. Mother and daughter were taken to hospital after the plane touched down at Tokyo's Narita International Airport and according to reports they are both doing well.

Totally unexpected

Speaking to reporters after the birth Chloe's father Wesley Branch said he couldn't believe what had happened and the birth was totally unexpected.

Guan had gained weight recently and had seen a doctor before flying to Japan, Branch told the Calgary Sun. He also revealed she had taken a pregnancy test a few weeks ago and it had been negative.

Flying while pregnant in the UK

Doctors in the UK say it is safest for mums-to-be to fly before they are 37 weeks pregnant or before 32 weeks if they are having twins.

Despite certain side effects flying is not considered to be harmful for women during a low-risk pregnancy, according to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

It says any women who fly while more than 28 weeks pregnant should have a letter from their GP and their medical notes with them but airlines tend to have their own procedures when it comes to allowing pregnant women on flights.