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Warning over monsoon eye infections

22 June 2011 09:22

Eye infections are common during the monsoon season in India

Eye infections are common during the monsoon season in India

With the monsoon rains arriving in the India, travellers heading off to the country are advised to protect themselves against a host of seasonal illnesses.

One of the infections common during the monsoon season is conjunctivitis - the inflammation of the outer eye membrane.

Hospitals in Mumbai are already reporting a rise in the number of patients with the contagious eye condition, reports the Hindustan Times newspaper.

The city's Hinduja Hospital has seen a sharp spike in new diagnoses, from just four last month to more than 30 so far in June.

At the Lotus Eye Hospital, doctors have already treated 35 patients this month, up from 20 in May.

Visitors to India should take precautions to avoid contracting the disease and arm themselves with a good medical travel insurance cover for additional protection.

People who wear contact lenses for extended periods are particularly susceptible to allergic papillary conjunctivitis, which develops as a result of an allergic reaction, ophthalmologists have warned.