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Which countries travel the most?

27 October 2014 10:08

Scandinavians are the most well travelled people in the world, a study has shown

Scandinavians are the most well travelled people in the world, a study has shown

Scandinavians are the world's most well-travelled people, a new study shows.

According to the list compiled by Trimetic, the most trips per year are taken by those living in Finland (7.5), with travellers in Sweden (6), Denmark (5.3) and Norway (5.2) also among the top five.

The United States - and the only non-Nordic country in the top fifth of the table - took the second spot, with an average of 6.7 trips a year.

However, Americans are the least likely to venture aboard, with only one in five travelling overseas during 2013, and less than half owning a passport. This was attributed to American workers having less paid holiday entitlement than those in Europe - thus making shorter breaks closer to home more feasible.

Domestic trips were also more popular with UK residents - at two trips per year - and with an average of 0.9 international trips per year, the UK finished 13th on the list. The four places above this went to Australia, Canada, France and Germany,

Arnie van Groesen, travel and tourism analyst at Timetic, attributed the Scandinavians' eagerness for travel to a desire to escape the cold weather and seek out better value for money than offered at home.

He added: "People in Scandinavia can afford more trips due to high incomes and relatively low unemployment rates."

The highest number of international trips were made by Norwegians - at two per year - and anyone considering taking off is reminded of the importance of worldwide travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

The remainder of the table, which focused on overnight stays during 2013 using either air, land water or rail transportation, was made up by Hong Kong and New Zealand in joint sixth at 4.3 trips per year.