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Winter blues lead to holiday dreams

08 January 2015 09:14

British Airways says online holiday searches soared on the first Monday of 2015 when many people returned to work

British Airways says online holiday searches soared on the first Monday of 2015 when many people returned to work

Did you spend the first few days back at work thinking about warm sand and the lapping tides of some far-flung beach?

If yes, you're not alone.

Monday (Jan 5) was the first day back at work for many people. So perhaps there's no wonder the return to 9 to 5 saw a huge surge in people searching the web for holidays.

But perhaps what's more surprising is that much of this was going on during people's lunch breaks - tut, tut.

The number of searches on the British Airways site was 68% higher than the same day last year and the greatest demand was at lunchtime as workers spent their breaks searching for flights.

Of course, those who took the plunge and booked a break should also find the time to arrange travel insurance too.

The majority of interest was in flights to North America and Asia, with trips to Montreal in Canada costing from just £479.

Miserable Monday makes us crave the beach

British Airways Holidays managing director Claire Bentley describes the first day back at work in January as 'Miserable Monday' and says many workers already have their minds set on getting away from the daily grind.

She says people fantasise about many different destinations before they eventually make their final decision. Ms Bentley says British Airways Holidays allows customers to hold flights with a £5 deposit so they can make any final checks to make sure everything is in order before paying the full amount.

There has been a surge in interest in holidays in Europe of late, with more searches recorded for countries like France and Malta and cities like Berlin and Amsterdam.

The top five countries British Airways will fly to in 2015

1) Belgium

2) Brazil

3) Croatia

4 )Ghana

5) Malaysia

Those who didn't get the urge to travel on Miserable Monday may do so on Blue Monday when Brits are traditionally at their gloomiest. This year Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, is on January 19.