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Women make the 'worst packers'

09 May 2014 09:24

Packing can cause problems

Packing can cause problems

Female holidaymakers wear less than half of the clothes they pack in their suitcases, according to a new survey.

Meanwhile men use at least 90% of the the items they take away with them, according to the study by Holiday Hypermarket.

The research found that 91% of women admit to not wearing every item of clothing in their suitcase, while 53% say they have gone over their personal baggage allowance over the past few years.

Some 2,000 British holidaymakers were quizzed for the survey, which found that the average man packs 18 items of clothing for one week away, while women take double that, often packing between six and eight pairs of shoes.

One thing all holidaymakers need is travel insurance, which will protect travellers if their suitcases or other items become lost or stolen.

The survey finds that over three quarters (77%) of men say their partner uses their case to store extra clothes.

Packing, it seems can cause some problems before going away, with over two-thirds of couples saying they argued with each other whilst packing for a trip. The main cause for arguments was packing unnecessary items which take up space.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, just five per cent of women said they would be willing to let their partner pack their luggage for a holiday, however some 42% of men in a relationship said they would be happy for their other half to be in charge of what goes in the suitcase.

Some 47% of single women start packing at least three days before a holiday, compared to 65 per cent of single men. However 71% of women admit to squeezing extra items into the suitcase before leaving for the airport.

Kay Dixon from Holiday Hypermarket said that perfecting the art of suitcase packing was even more vital nowadays, as more and more airlines come down harder on those who go over baggage limits.