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Your 5-point airport stressbuster

07 March 2016 07:57

Airport passengers can beat stress caused by delays

Airport passengers can beat stress caused by delays

Holidaymakers run the risk of unexpected stress and surprise from the moment they arrive at the airport. Indeed the delays seen at Gatwick this week have reminded us just how troublesome flying can be.

But a little thought, planning and nous can make all the difference. Try this five-point plan to taking the anxiety out of even the longest airport wait.

5-point stress-busting plan

Keep readies at the ready: Why leave cards and cash 'safely' at the bottom of your luggage, when some lose change in your pockets could make all the difference? We can get very thirsty and hungry with long, stressful waits making our throats dry. In extreme cases, airlines put on refreshments. But why leave anything to chance?

Breathe easily: Inhaling deeply and ridding the brain of all negative thought can help amid the chaos. This should slow down pulse rates, leaving you in a more relaxed frame of mind as hormonal and oxygen levels rebalance. Who knows? You might even be into meditation or mindfulness to steer you through the long wait.

Avoid blame games: Now isn't the time to start inquests into who or what is to blame. If you focus your energies on getting through the next few hours, you'll make the time pass quicker.

Stay cool: This means arriving at the airport in plenty of time (leave early) and stocking up on sleep and food. These little tweaks can keep stress at bay and prevent customers from feeling distracted, irritable and full of more adrenalin than the Incredible Hulk when he turns angry.

Anti-boredom bag: This is passengers' effective get-out-of-jail-free card. Fill it with your favourite books and magazines, or even magazines. Headphones are a must for music lovers.

Alongside these recommendations, taking out travel insurance can help to keep us calm. It's a lot easier knowing you can sit pretty, safe in the knowledge no matter how delayed your plane is it won't cost you if you miss a connecting flight.