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Are you getting the best value possible on your travel insurance this year?

06 April 2010 11:12

Are you getting the best value possible on your travel insurance this year?

If you cast your mind back to last year, you may remember being one of the 37 million Brits who, according to the Independent, were planning on a staycation instead of a holiday abroad.

And based on the fact that the forecast barbecue summer did not materialise, this may or may not have been a successful trip!

However, now that the recession has ended and we have accepted that Britain is unlikely to resemble the Bahamas even in July, people are again packing their suitcases and buying travel insurance ahead of a well-earned break in the sun.

Research published this week by Which? showed that overall consumer spending on travel was up by 25 per cent in February when compared with the same month in 2009, with demand for package tours, flights and hotels all picking up.

John Lewis also told the organisation that sales of luggage and portable scales have increased since last year as Brits prepare to take to the skies instead of the roads.

If you're reading this, the chances are that you're well-organised (not to mention sensible!) enough to get hold of a good travel insurance policy before you go on holiday, whether you're going for a little trip within the British Isles or on a three-month trek in Peru.

However, have you made sure that you're always getting the best value when it comes to cover? It can be tempting to buy the first policy that comes up in an online search, but by following a few top tips, you could find yourself getting a better deal.

To start with, consider if your trip will be your only one of the year. If it is, then feel free to go with single trip insurance. These policies are often available for only a few pounds and will cover you from the day you leave the house until the day you get back.

However, if you are lucky enough to be going on a few trips this year or know that you will be travelling for business purposes as well as leisure, then annual or multi trip travel insurance policies could save you money and be more convenient.

As impartial advice site points out, these are more flexible if you're unsure when exactly you will be going away, making them perfect for people who hope to secure a last-minute package deal this year.

It will also mean that you won't have to worry about looking up travel insurance the night before you leave, stressing all the while that you won't be covered in time!

Not only this, but an annual policy is likely to work out cheaper in the long run than purchasing several single trip policies, inexpensive though they may be.

And by ensuring that you make your travel insurance a considered purchase, you could also avoid any mishaps that could turn a dream holiday into a trip from hell.

These days, comparison sites are available for anything and everything, from utilities to travel insurance.

However, as we mentioned earlier, it can be confusing when the list pops up on the screen, tempting you to simply choose the cheapest deal.

Our concern when this happens is that people who have special travel insurance requirements may end up not properly covered for their trips. For example, does the policy incorporate insurance for pre-existing medical conditions or the fact that you intend to pursue an extreme sport while you're abroad?

If not and you fall ill and have an accident, then you may risk having to cover the cost yourself - a truly terrifying prospect when you consider that it could run into tens of thousands of pounds.

It is for these reasons that you could consider buying your cover from travel insurance specialist like World First which will make sure that your individual circumstances are covered.

And contrary to popular belief, doing this could be as cheap as buying a policy from an online search, particularly when you take into account your time - a quick call to us could have you covered in minutes.

Furthermore, our policies offer benefits which go above and beyond the minimum levels of cover suggested by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

Give us a call to find out more - whether you're after single trip cover for an OAP or an annual policy for an intrepid teenager, we'll be happy to help!

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