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Solo travel 'is empowering and addictive'

01 June 2010 08:03

Solo travel 'is empowering and addictive'

If you and your partner regularly clash heads over where to go on holiday, then you could solve the problem by doing your own thing.

Dan Linstead, editor of Wanderlust magazine, pointed out that solo travel is becoming a major trend, even for people who are in a relationship.

Indeed, recent research from Leger Holidays showed that half of the population has chosen to travel alone regardless of their marital status, while a further 56 per cent said they would definitely consider doing so in the future.

This was put down largely to clashing opinions over what constitutes the perfect break, with some people likely to prefer a more energetic trip and others keen on just relaxing.

Dan said that far from being a lonely experience, taking a trip on your own is likely to connect you with more like-minded people than you probably would have met otherwise.

"You are much more open to new experiences. You'll feel more confident and empowered. You can do what you want to do, when you want to do it. The sense of freedom is addictive," he enthused.

And if your romantic history features more calamities than Bridget Jones's, then a solo trip could be the perfect way to get some me-time and realise that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

"Travel is a classic balm for the broken-hearted," Dan pointed out.

Although trips alone are more likely to result in you being teamed up with other people these days thanks to companies which cater for such breaks, it may be wise to follow a few simple safety tips to ensure that you get the best from your holiday if you will be spending lots of time in your own company.

First of all, let someone at home know when you expect to reach various checkpoints if you are moving around, as this will alert them more quickly should the worst happen and you have an accident.

Secondly, don't go wandering around alone at night - if you wouldn't do it at home, don't risk doing it abroad.

And thirdly, make sure you buy good cover such as our cheap backpacker travel insurance so that we can assist you with the practicalities should you get into difficulties.

However, most importantly of all - have fun!

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