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Be careful when buying travel insurance, ABTA urges

28 May 2010 09:19

Be careful when buying travel insurance, ABTA urges

Many holidaymakers see travel insurance as something to get out of the way quickly and then forgotten about.

While it's true that you don't want to spend forever looking for policies, ABTA - The Travel Association has warned Brits to check the cover they are purchasing carefully in order to make sure they aren't left out of pocket.

The warning comes after a report published by Which? found that some travel agents may be selling potentially unsuitable policies to customers.

It carried out undercover research and discovered that 17 out of 29 agents did not provide even basic details about their insurance policies to buyers.

Furthermore, not one of those checked explained the importance of declaring pre-existing medical conditions and six did not ask about them at all.

ABTA spokesperson Sean Tipton said this is particularly worrying, as all its members should sell travel insurance that is appropriate to its customers' needs.

It would mean that if you did have a medical condition that you already knew about and you needed treatment for it abroad, you would not be covered under your insurance unless the representative had added it as a special factor.

"If you, or anybody in your party, has a pre-existing medical condition make sure that you discuss that with your travel agent or the insurance company when you purchase the policy," Sean urged.

He also reiterated the advice not to simply go for the cheapest policy to ensure you are covered for every eventuality.

"The cheapest option will provide you, in most cases, with the lowest level of cover," the expert pointed out.

This follows a recent report published by Essential Travel Insurance back in January this year, which suggested that some companies may be taking advantage of its customers to overcharge for travel insurance.

For instance, the Post Office was found to be charging £40 for a single trip European policy which researchers found for £24.37 elsewhere.

Although we always say not to look for the cheapest policy, it also pays to be savvy and make sure you're not paying for what's effectively a designer name.
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Published by World First Travel Insurance - providers of worldwide travel insurance for all types of holiday, cheap annual travel insurance and great family travel insurance incl;uding cover for pre existing medical conditions and medical travel insurance.

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