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British travellers pocketing the cash

26 January 2009 10:37

British travellers pocketing the cash

Brits are being urged to ensure they have travel insurance when they holiday abroad with many of us carrying around wallets with cash and credit cards when we head overseas.

A survey by found that on average, British people carry around £33 in cash with them at anyone time, which is likely to increase on holiday when tourists are eating out and buying souvenirs.

Men are likely to carry more cash around with them than woman with, the average male pocket bulging with around £20 more than a female's.

However, an alarming five per cent of Brits carry over £100 in cash in their pockets on a day to day basis and one in 50 have over £200 in notes.

Those who are holidaying abroad this summer are being urged to take out travel insurance in case they have their luggage or wallet stolen.

Travellers should also consider ditching the large wads of cash and instead opt for a few notes and a credit card which will get them through the day.