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Britons heading to sunshine for Christmas

26 January 2009 12:07

Britons heading to sunshine for Christmas

Millions of people are heading away from the UK for Christmas as a new survey reveals one in four are getting away from their home for the festive season.

The poll by found that 23 per cent of people heading overseas are leaving the UK for the first time at Christmas, while 15 per cent admitted that it was a yearly tradition.

And 42 per cent claimed they were leaving to find sunnier climes.

But 17 per cent said they were heading overseas to take part in sporting activities, increasing calls for adequate sports and activity travel insurance and winter sports travel insurance to make sure everything is covered should the worst happen.

Earlier this week, stated that the number of people opting to spend the festive season overseas was 11 per cent higher than during the same period of 2006.

For those people staying at home, some 90 per cent told that they would leave the "hectic preparation, drunken antics and rubbish gifts" for a trip to a hot country.