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Brits buy travel insurance 'in a panic'

20 July 2009 13:46

Brits buy travel insurance 'in a panic'

Many Brits buy travel insurance as a last-minute purchase and do not give themselves time to understand the terms and conditions, it has been claimed.

According to new research from, people buy travel insurance "as a distress purchase" just before they take a holiday.

"They don't really understand what they are being insured for and I'm certain they won't read it to make themselves aware of any conditions of that insurance," said Bob Atkinson, travel expert at the site.

Not having a grasp on the terms of a travel insurance policy could leave holidaymakers in financial hot water if they need to make a claim but find they have invalidated their cover in some way.

Mr Atkinson pointed out that insurance companies could "negate" a policy if an incident occurred while a tourist was drinking or taking drugs.

Readings the terms and conditions of travel insurance policies could be a wise move before heading off on a holiday.