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Brits 'check the success' of holiday firms

28 July 2009 08:25

Brits 'check the success' of holiday firms

Brits who are planning to take a holiday are checking up on the reputation of companies that they plan to travel with, it has been claimed.

And while this may be a wise move, even if a travel company is well known and respected, unexpected problems with a holiday may arise, making travel insurance a worthwhile buy.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has noted that due to recent cases of airlines going bust, people are more likely to check the growth and success of a travel firm.

Mark Stuart, head of research at the institute, also pointed out that in order to stay successful, travel companies needed to focus on their unique selling points.

"EasyJet, for example, created its strong brand by offering something unique, then delivering it in ways that satisfy a large number of customers and communicating the offering effectively," he said.

A survey from Superbrands published this month shows that British Airways is the top travel brand in the UK.