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Brits expect a jet-setting 2009

23 January 2009 17:47

Brits expect a jet-setting 2009

Only one in five British people believe that the ongoing recession will have any impact on their holiday plans for next year, it has been revealed.

Although most expect the current economic gloom to remain for some time, only 20 per cent of those surveyed in a recent street poll felt that the length, destination or time of year of their holiday would suffer as a result.

With so many future holidaymakers confident that they will still travel abroad in the year ahead, it is crucial that they take out a full travel insurance policy so as to mitigate any risks that they may face while abroad.

Meanwhile, research conducted recently by indicated that more than half of the population considers taking a holiday either important or absolutely necessary, with just 12 per cent considering breaks away a luxury.

Respondents revealed that they are willing to be frugal in other areas of their lives - making sacrifices at the supermarket, going out less and buying fewer new clothes - in order to afford their two weeks in the sun.