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Brits 'will not fly less'

15 October 2009 11:21

Brits 'will not fly less'

Brits are not planning to cut down on the amount of flights they take, despite the impact of climate change, it has been said.

According to a study by Friends of the Earth, only 14 per cent of people polled said they planned on flying less over the next five years - 25 per cent admitted to planning to fly more.

No matter how frequently people take to the skies, it is important that they have the right level of travel insurance to cover every trip they take.

Those who fly regularly could find that an annual travel insurance policy offers them more value for money than separate cover for each trip they take.

Neil Verlander, a spokesman from the Friends of the Earth, noted that many places which people often fly to can actually be reached by other modes of transport.

"We need to see greater investment in things like fast rail travel because many of the destinations that people fly to actually can be gotten to by fast rail," he said.

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