Business travellers to benefit from cheaper mobiles

23 January 2009 17:52

Business travellers to benefit from cheaper mobiles

Business travellers from the UK will no doubt be pleased to hear that the national telecoms regulator has welcomed EU proposals to cap roaming mobile costs.

Companies with employees journeying abroad on business can be charged astronomical sums whenever they use their mobiles.

Currently, the average cost of sending a text message in Europe is 29 cents (25p), but Ofcom has encouraged the EU to adopt plans that would limit this to a maximum of 11 cents (10p)

The money saved could be used by firms to ensure that all devices are protected against loss, theft or damage with specialist travel insurance for business trips.

Elizabeth de Winton, communications manager at Ofcom, said: "We welcome the commission’s proposal to introduce a wholesale and a retail cap on text roaming.

"We also welcome moves to protect consumers from 'bill shock' when using data services abroad."

Under the EU proposals a one euro (87p) per megabyte wholesale cap would also be placed on data roaming charges.


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