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Business travellers 'turning to advice sites'

15 October 2009 09:16

Business travellers 'turning to advice sites'

Those who travel for business are increasingly looking to online review sites for tips and advice on how to save money on a trip.

However, one aspect of their trip which business travellers could find they do not need advice about is their travel insurance policy to help cover the financial cost of any potential problems on a getaway, as such cover should be seen as an essential buy by those jetting off for a meeting.

According to Amelie Hurst, spokeswoman for TripAdvisor: "With many companies scrutinising their budgets more closely than ever, business travellers are increasingly turning to reviews sites to ensure they get the best value for money."

Figures from market research firm BDRC showed that more than a quarter (28 per cent) of business travellers are looking at travel review sites to try and find out how to make sure they get the best value for money on a trip.

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