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Far East 'good value for Brits'

02 October 2009 07:00

Far East 'good value for Brits'

Brits searching for an ideal place to soak up some sun this winter could find the Far East a great place to visit.

And the destination may not be as expensive to visit as some may think, which could leave plenty of cash left over for travel insurance, spending money and cash to splash on souvenirs.

According to Jonathan Cudworth, director of product management at Expedia EMEA, there are some "fantastic deals" to be had on holiday packages to the Far East which include both flights and accommodation.

"Countries such as Thailand and Vietnam offer beautiful beaches for Brits to top up their tans, as well as cultural hotspots and exotic cuisine," he enthused.

Mr Cudworth went on to say that over the past few months, the site has seen a rise in the number of people searching for holidays to destinations such as Egypt and Dubai, as Brits search for breaks outside the eurozone to make their money go further.

Thailand may prove to be the best place for Brits looking to get travel insurance and jet off, as figures from the Post Office Long Haul Holiday Report 2009 show it has been the cheapest destination to visit for three years in a row.

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