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Cyprus is cheapest destination for half-term break

10 February 2017 09:29

A study finds Cyprus is the cheapest destination for a half-term holiday for a family of four

A study finds Cyprus is the cheapest destination for a half-term holiday for a family of four

Families looking to take a cheap break in the upcoming half term are often sorely disappointed, however new research suggests Cyprus is the best destination for a well-priced trip.

According to research by the Post Office Travel Money, a British family of four who are booking a half-term sunshine trip, can get a week's holiday in Paphos for £1,130.

The most expensive place to visit is the Jumeirah area of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, which - driven by the high cost of food and drink -comes in at £3,266, according to a study of the 10 popular winter sun spots.

Canarian island, Lanzarote, is next in line for being the least expensive, with a package holiday for four being priced in at £1,663.

Long haul could be cheaper

Meanwhile, some destinations closer to home, such as Sliema, Malta (£2,113) and another Canary Island, Tenerife (£2,147) are coming in at more expensive than some far-flung destinations, which a long haul trip to Cancun in Mexico, costing around £2,106.

Currency fluctuations is one of the reasons a Mexican break is coming in so low.

The Mexican peso is the only currency that today is weaker against the value of sterling than it was 12 months ago.

This means Brits abroad in the Central American nation can have around 3% more holiday spends than in early 2016.

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The top ten also includes Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic (£2,791) and Penang, Malaysia (£2,382).

Andrew Brown, of Post Office Travel Money, said: "Bargain-hunters should always add the cost of meals and drinks in resorts to the price of a holiday package to find the destination that will give them the best overall value."