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Identity cards 'could be cheaper for Brits'

13 November 2009 08:17

Identity cards 'could be cheaper for Brits'

Identity cards could prove to be a cheaper way for Brits to take holidays in Europe, it has been claimed.

According to ABTA - The Travel Association, if identity cards are successful and end up being purchased by large numbers of people, the need for a passport to travel to the EU could be removed.

"If you look at it, when we go abroad the majority of our holidays are within the EU," commented spokesman for the group Sean Tipton.

While Brits could find in the future that identity cards help them to save cash on a trip by removing the need to buy a passport, they should be wary of cutting back on travel insurance to save cash.

Such a move could prove more costly in the long run and could see Brits forced to use their holiday spending money on payment for medical treatment should they fall ill while on a break.

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