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Italy 'is the most inspiring country in the world'

15 March 2010 18:50

Italy 'is the most inspiring country in the world'

When it comes to global travel destinations, you would have quite a lot to choose from if you were asked which one you found the most inspiring.

So it is perhaps a surprise to find that the country rated top by a new survey of more than 2,000 travellers is a place virtually on our own doorstep.

Ambi Pur has announced that Italy is the most inspiring country to visit, followed by America in second place and Australia in third.

France and Greece rounded out the top five countries on the list.

When it came to continents as a whole, it seems that Europeans should be proud, as Europe was ranked most inspiring thanks to its landscape and culture, beating Asia and Africa into second and third respectively.

Although places like Thailand and Mauritius look great with their stunning beaches and daydream-like sunsets, perhaps we Brits secretly hanker after somewhere that looks a little more like home on our trips!

The landscape of a location was found to be the most inspiring thing for the travellers in question, so maybe the snow-capped mountains in Italy and the cobbled streets struck a chord with people spotting them while abroad.

It was also found that the places we go on our holidays have an impact on us after we get back home.

Recent news from stated that we can feel happier up to eight weeks after getting back, but you may also be inspired to make changes.

Some 37 per cent of the intrepid explorers told Ambi Pur that they had completely redecorated their home when they landed back in order to make it more like somewhere they had seen on their travels.

However, 17 per cent said they had been inspired to move house altogether!

While we may not advocate such drastic changes on a whim (all those glued-on conch shells stuck on the TV may wear a bit thin after a while), we would definitely recommend a trip to Italy.

Lido di Jesolo is a wonderful beach resort from which you can also take a trip to Venice, Lake Garda and even Romeo and Juliet's hometown, Verona.

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