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Portugal 'a great place for a varied holiday'

15 March 2010 07:42

Portugal 'a great place for a varied holiday'

Anyone who feels as though a holiday in Portugal is something they can class as "been there, done that" may wish to take a fresh look at the European country.

According to, Portugal is seeing a surge in holiday bookings from eager British travellers and a representative said this is because more people are becoming aware of what a varied destination it is.

The unnamed source said that if you make the effort to travel around a little and perhaps even take a dual centre trip, you will see a different side to Portugal than simply beautiful beaches and attractive hotels.

"Portugal does offer a unique experience. From the cultural highlights of Lisbon to the mountainous coastline of the Algarve, Portugal's bustling cities, gorgeous scenery and lively culture make for an excellent holiday," she remarked.

The expert recommended trying a spell in the capital of Lisbon before heading to the coastline, as you will get to see its interesting cultural sights and experience a different pace of life.

However, getting involved with the locals is one of the best ways to make the most out of a Portuguese holiday.

Here at World First, we definitely think Portugal is one of the friendliest countries you can find - the locals cannot do enough for you, particularly if you have small children.

To find the best eateries, a top tip is to watch where the Portuguese go for their evening meals. This way, you can find some culinary gems and avoid tourist traps - we experienced delicious tuna steaks in an off-the-beaten-track seafood restaurant in this way.

And another good thing about Portugal this year is that it's cheaper than in 2009 thanks to a strengthening of the pound against the euro.

"As long as you eliminate surprise expenses caused by lack of planning, a Portuguese holiday won't break the bank," the spokesperson advised.

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