Floating golf course in Maldives

29 September 2011 09:22

A floating golf course is due to be built in the Maldives

A floating golf course is due to be built in the Maldives

Plans have been unveiled to construct a £320 million floating golf course in the Maldives.

Dutch Docklands, which is handling the innovative project, aims to complete the construction in the next four years.

Designers plan to involve several islands floating in the Indian Ocean in the proposed course. The islands will contain two or three holes each.

The project involves scarless development, which has zero footprint on the Maldives region, according to Dutch Docklands.

For the benefit golf lovers who plan to head off to the Maldives with comprehensive sports travel insurance policies, the course will be strategically located within five minutes of travel from the airport.

The floating islands will be connected to a series of hotels by more underwater tunnels, which will overlook the golf course and surrounding coral reefs. The project will be powered by solar energy with sustainable desalination and water-cooling techniques.

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