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Over-50s 'have desire for adventure'

17 September 2009 19:54

Over-50s 'have desire for adventure'

Holidaymakers aged 50 and above are increasingly looking for adventure on their trips abroad, which could make travel insurance for sports and activities a wise addition to the holiday budget for some.

According to travel firm Saga Holidays, which specialises in holidays for people over 50, instead of simply seeking sun and sand, older tourists are now looking for activities and excitement on their getaways.

Older travellers who want to try and ensure that their fun-filled break goes without a hitch could look into getting travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions before they jet off, to partly cover the financial cost of any illness they might suffer while abroad.

Commenting on the sorts of destinations being chosen by the over-50s, spokesman for Saga Holidays, Paul Green, said: "We've seen a large growth in South America and places like Chile seem to be popular. There are some favourites such as Cuba and we are the largest tour operator to Nepal."

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