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Survey reveals most welcoming nations - in more ways than one!

06 July 2010 08:08

Survey reveals most welcoming nations - in more ways than one!

Anyone who likes to make friends with the locals while they are on holiday may be interested in the results of a new survey which reveals some of Europe's most welcoming nations.

The poll, carried out by travel agent On The Beach, found that the Greeks are generally seen as the most hospitable people, with more than 48 per cent of travellers saying they were made to feel at home while visiting there.

Meanwhile, Spain came top when respondents were asked which nation had the best manners on the beach - apparently it's not beach towels at dawn there!

The Spaniards also came out glowing when it came to helping tourists out above and beyond the call of duty.

In fact, some holidaymakers said they had had their wounds patched up by a Spanish native after having a little accident, while others said they had borrowed money from a local after being left short in a public place.

How about that for hospitality!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Italy topped the charts when it came to food, with 51 per cent of travellers saying it offered up the best meals in Europe.

However, Italian stallions did not win big when it came to being welcoming on the beach, as many respondents said they were too busy posing!

Finally, we know you're all wondering about which nation won out in the holiday romance stakes - and it's not the one you might think.

France, Italy and their famous romantics lost to Turkey after a resounding 34 per cent said it is the best place for a holiday romance because the locals are friendly but not too flashy.

So if you're planning a girlie break this year, you now know where to go to find your Romeo.

Alternatively, if you're part of a family who just wants to holiday in a friendly resort, you may be happy in Spain, it seems!

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