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UK travellers heading on 'nostalgic' holidays

26 January 2009 11:39

UK travellers heading on 'nostalgic' holidays

'Nostalgia tourism' is an emerging trend this year as people head back to places around the world they feel they have a link to, according to experts.

Holiday website Expedia has claimed that 2008 will be the year that revisiting destinations for the sake of nostalgia and reminiscence prove popular.

A survey of 500 of the site's users found that nine out of ten Britons used their annual holiday to head to a place which had a sentimental association for them.

The poll revealed that reliving the "memories of a youth holiday" appealed to 27 per cent of holidaymakers, while 21.5 per cent were determined to return somewhere they had lived as a student or when they were younger. Honeymoon locations appealed to 5.8 per cent and holiday romances matched marriage destinations with 4.4 per cent each.

According to the Metro, Caroline Cartellieri from Expedia said: "After a rise in bookings to classic European and domestic destinations, we decided to investigate the trend.

"As the research shows, nostalgia has become a big driver in destination choice."

Travellers are reminded, however, that no matter how nostalgic a location may feel, travel insurance is vital to make sure the memory of any holiday isn't ruined.