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Exotic holidays 'can pose a risk'

06 December 2009 19:47

Exotic holidays 'can pose a risk'

Travel insurance to cover the cost of any medical treatment which may be required on a break could be top of the shopping list of those planning on jetting off on an exotic trip.

According to the Family Doctor Association, Brits who jet off to far-flung sunnier climes could be more at risk of health issues on their break.

The falling cost of travel to such places is making it easier for people to head off to exotic locations, chairman of the group Dr Peter Swinyard said, but many are choosing to travel without understanding the risks.

"People are not even registering the thought that they need something. Quite often, people may go to a malarial zone and don't seem to think that they may need to have some sort of malarial vaccines," he pointed out.

According to findings from Post Office Travel Insurance, 44 per cent of Brits do not research which vaccinations they may require before they go abroad.

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