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Japan 'ideal for food-loving Brits'

19 October 2009 16:33

Japan 'ideal for food-loving Brits'

Japan could prove to be an ideal holiday destination for food-loving Brits to visit, it has been noted, as it offers all sorts of dining suitable for all tastes and budgets.

According to editor of Food and Travel magazine Charlotte Swift, Japan is "a mecca for gastronomes" and has all sorts of eateries, from street stalls to Michelin-starred dining rooms.

Those Brits who want to check out some of the country's Michelin-starred restaurants and sample some of the world's most outstanding food may find it wise to budget for their blowout meal before they travel.

Making a list of everything they need to get for a break, including travel insurance, flights and spending money, could help them make sure they have enough left over for an expensive treat at a Michelin-starred eatery.

The Japanese areas of Kyoto and Osaka have recently been added to the Michelin-food guide to the country.

In total, the two areas are home to seven restaurants of this level.

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