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Looking for an unusual holiday destination? Why not try Taiwan?

03 March 2010 06:33

Looking for an unusual holiday destination? Why not try Taiwan?

While some holidaymakers are happy to do nothing more strenuous than sit on a beach reading the latest bestseller for a fortnight, others want to explore new places and discover destinations that few people would consider travelling to.

The growth of affordable global air travel and the availability of worldwide travel insurance mean that a holiday in a location off the well-beaten tourist track is now a realistic option for many people.

Trips to Mongolia's Gobi Desert, the Inca Trail in Peru, Vietnam's beach resorts and even to the Antarctic are now possible, as adventurous travellers look to ensure that they get to experience distant cultures before masses of tourists arrive.

Choosing the right destination can be difficult for intrepid travellers, as they attempt to balance factors like price, accessibility, culture and cuisine with the desire to experience something completely new.

One country currently doing its best to attract visitors from the UK is Taiwan. You may well wonder why you would choose Taiwan ahead of other Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia for a holiday. The answer, it seems, is because it is affordable and there is more to do on the island than you may think.

Josephine Huang, Taiwan Tourism Bureau's marketing manager, said: "Taiwan is renowned for having some of the finest cuisine in the world, an unchanged aboriginal culture, impressive hiking routes - including north-east Asia's tallest peak - and it is also emerging as a really popular cycling destination."

There are also several beach resorts to relax in and a bustling capital city in the form of Taipei, with the variety making it ideal for Britons who want a first taste of Asian culture or for seasoned travellers looking for something a little different, she suggested.

Ms Huang added that Taiwan also represents particularly good value at the minute - and not just because prices are low at its famous night markets.

"The pound being at an all-time low against the euro, and less so against the US Dollar, means that British travellers can get more for their money in Asia," she explained.

That trend does not just apply to Asia, however, so less intrepid travellers may want to consider destinations such as Turkey, Egypt and Dubai for their beach holidays this year.

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