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Mauritius and Austria 'popular for weddings'

20 July 2009 13:12

Mauritius and Austria 'popular for weddings'

Couples are increasingly going to places such as Mauritius and Austria to get married, it has been noted.

According to Weddings & Honeymoons Abroad's marketing director Ron Cropper, couples are searching for places which are not traditional holiday destinations such as Spain.

Mr Cropper said: "The most popular place where we take more guests than anywhere else is Austria. The guests always have a lesser budget than the bride and groom and going to Austria, they can get a budget airline and go over to Salzburg."

Saving money on low-cost flights may be a wise move for Brits flying to a wedding, but scrimping on travel insurance to save cash may leave them seriously out of pocket for the future should an incident - such as losing luggage - occur.

Recent findings from showed that 77 per cent of couples are planning on taking a honeymoon which will last under two weeks.

As well as this, 54 per cent of those surveyed said that they plan to go on a long-haul holiday after they get hitched.