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Dubai market could tempt British investors

24 September 2009 08:51

Dubai market could tempt British investors

News that mortgage lending in Dubai is on the up could interest Brits looking to make the most of their travel insurance policy and invest in a holiday home which they can regularly visit.

According to statistics from the Dubai Land Department, mortgage lending in July was higher than the total figure lent in the previous three months.

In total, lending totalled £1.3 billion in July this year, which is a rise on the £1.14 billion during the second quarter of 2009.

Nick Marr, chief executive officer of, said that recent good feeling about the state of the UK property market had helped to boost optimism in the UAE, due to Dubai's reliance on international workers and tourists.

"There is a feeling that the worst is over amongst the Dubai realtors," he claimed.

If investing in an overseas property, Brits could find a group travel insurance a good option should friends and family want to visit them in their new holiday home.

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