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Brazilian tourism faring well

23 January 2009 17:50

Brazilian tourism faring well

Tourism in Brazil is holding up well during the global financial crisis, according to the London Tourist Office of the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism.

General manager Tom Falcao suggested that this is due to several reasons and said that timing has been an important factor.

He explained that the last three months of the year have remained popular for tourists visiting the country, with nationals and people travelling from abroad.

Mr Falcao observed that a number of hotels have not had any trouble getting bookings for the festive season of for New Year's Eve.

"A large amount of people in Brazil now travel much more than before – internal tourism has increased due to very good offers and competition," he commented.

Mr Falcao also noted that the performance of the US dollar has also had a part to play.

He said: "Brazil deals mainly in American dollars for its tourism. The American currency has shown to be stable vis-a-vis the Brazilian currency, the real, therefore tourism in Brazil has not suffered much difference so far."