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No holiday in South Africa for the Wags this year, it seems

04 March 2010 17:14

No holiday in South Africa for the Wags this year, it seems

Girls - if you agreed to go to the World Cup in South Africa this summer purely to admire the clothes, shoes and handbags sported by the Wags, then you may be sorely disappointed.

Perhaps mindful of the media circus they caused in Germany four years ago, Steven Gerrard has said that his wife Alex Curran will not be going to the tournament unless the team gets to the semi-finals or the final.

Manager Fabio Capello is no doubt hoping the rest of the players will follow suit in banning the Wags, having called them a "virus" last week.

However, he may get his wish of a no-Wag World Cup, since Coleen Rooney has already said she will be staying at home with baby Kai, Toni Terry is, er, hiding and Victoria Beckham is believed to be doing charity work that month.

Despite not being invited to the games, Alex has said she isn't too bothered anyway.

"It's so far and I'm not into football," she commented.

Ah well, at least there are plenty of sunny beaches to lie on and restaurants to check out while the footy's on.

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