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Travellers 'more aware' of airfare prices

27 October 2009 06:23

Travellers 'more aware' of airfare prices

Tourists are increasingly aware of how air travel is priced, as being able to access information online makes the price structure of flying more transparent.

According to carrier Japan Airlines, people can now see when airlines are selling air tickets cheaper in other countries or offering flights without stops.

Ian Heywood, from Japan Airlines, said: "[Airlines have] got to encourage people to fly from Frankfurt to London to Dubai, which is not as attractive as someone flying from Frankfurt to Dubai."

However, Brits trying to save money on a trip may find that choosing a flight with stops helps to keep the cost down - as these flights are often less money.

While this may be a good way to save cash, cutting back on travel insurance could end up being more costly in the long run.

According to figures from the aviation data business collector OAG, airlines have almost 300 million seats available this month, which is a rise from the number on offer in the same month last year.

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