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Brits reminded of wide range of UK holidays

24 September 2009 08:14

Brits reminded of wide range of UK holidays

A large number of Brits are took a UK-based break on the August bank holiday weekend.

According to research from VisitEngland, four out of five people were looking to take a British break that weekend, which was 25 per cent more than those who said they planned to do this back in 2007.

In total, nearly 11.9 million Brits are set to take a holiday within the UK - and all of these could find that a UK holiday cancellation insurance policy is a wise investment.

While many may feel more secure taking a holiday in Britain, this does not protect against potential problems and holidaymakers may still want to invest in travel insurance cover for a staycation.

A spokesperson for UKinbound noted that the country has many areas which are undiscovered.

They noted that places such as Northumberland and the east of England are worth visiting.

"[The areas are] not exploited very much, so it will be quieter but you get a very good service at a lot of attractions there," the representative said.

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