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Holidaying in UK 'increasingly popular'

23 January 2009 17:49

Holidaying in UK 'increasingly popular'

Taking holidays in the UK has become much more popular in the last few years, Butlins has suggested.

A spokeswoman for the company asserted that trips places such as holiday camps are so appealing because they are low-cost.

She said that this is because of the al inclusive nature of the holidays, which often include entertainment in the price of accommodation.

"It's all included in the cost of your holiday along with about fifty other things as well," she commented.

The Butlins spokeswoman went on to say that the cost of holidaying abroad is also making more people opt for a vacation in the UK.

She added: "People are discovering the joy of holidaying in the UK, and I think next year they are going to be even more so."

According to findings from analysts Mintel, 6.5 million people visit one of the UK's many holiday camps every year.