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Holidaymakers urged to be safe when loading caravans

06 August 2009 07:13

Holidaymakers urged to be safe when loading caravans

When loading up a car and a caravan before taking a holiday, it is important to make sure that items are secure - and to check that a travel insurance policy is in place to cover possessions lost outside of the home.

According to a spokesperson from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), if people are planning on heading off to a campsite for a break, they should check that they are at least partly protected against the financial cost of any lost items.

When holidaying in the UK, many Brits may choose to scrimp on holiday insurance to save money, but this could prove more costly in the future in the event of a problem.

The spokesperson also advised tourists to clearly label their luggage on a holiday, so that should any items be misplaced, there is a better chance of people getting their luggage back.

More British people are set to take a break in the UK this year, as they try and cut back on the cost of a holiday.