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Florida property 'more affordable'

06 August 2009 07:30

Florida property 'more affordable'

Areas of Florida which may have been unaffordable for Brits could now be within people's price range, it has been pointed out.

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Mayfair International Realty said that prices in areas such as Sarasota and Cocoa Beach are now within the reach of foreign property investors.

Director at the firm Annette Reeve noted that people's money can "go much further" now and that prices have fallen sharply in a number of areas in Florida.

As well as Sarasota and Cocoa Beach, Brits can find good value for money in Orlando, Ms Reeve said.

Reno Beach is also popular among British property buyers, it is pointed out.

Figures from the US Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development showed that the sale of new houses in the US went up 11 per cent between May and June this year.