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Orlando praised for cost effectiveness

24 September 2009 15:39

Orlando praised for cost effectiveness

Orlando can offer Brits a good value for money holiday, it has been pointed out.

According to the Orlando Tourism Bureau, the area can give also Brits the guaranteed sunshine that they desire on a break.

Danielle Courtenay, from the board, pointed out that during the recession people are even more focused on getting a cost-effective getaway.

Orlando was built on fun and hospitality. If people come, they will be treated so well," she enthused.

Before jetting off to Florida, Brits may find it wise to check that their travel insurance policy covers them for any issues which may occur that could see the break become less good value.

Having medical treatment in the US without travel insurance could prove costly and see Brits struggle to afford the rest of their holiday.

Figures from Visa Europe recently showed that 60 per cent of British tourists admitted that some of their top priorities on a holiday are to relax and sunbathe, which could make Orlando ideal for them.

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