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Brits 'broaden horizons' for holidays

26 January 2009 12:11

Brits 'broaden horizons' for holidays

One leading travel agency has speculated that British travellers are looking to go "further away than ever before" in 2008.

A spokesperson for said that US destinations were growing increasingly popular because of such factors as the weak dollar, which increases the spending power of visiting Brits.

But demand for holidays even further afield is also expected to rise significantly as travellers look for ever more adventurous breaks over their summer holiday - buoyed by environmentally-responsible carbon offsetting schemes that are now commonplace in the airline industry.

"People are looking at going further away than ever before and we are predicting destinations such as Malaysia and the Maldives but also the States," the spokesperson said.

She added that Gambia was becoming a particularly popular destination for travellers interested in Africa, while shorter-haul routes to Egypt and Italy are also expected to do very well in 2008.

According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics, around 17.2 million Brits travelled abroad last year.