Brits 'see the benefit' of long-haul travel

28 July 2009 07:57

Brits 'see the benefit' of long-haul travel

Brits looking to take a holiday abroad can see the benefits of travelling to long-haul destinations, one sector commentator has said.

Marketing director at On the Beach Alistair Daly said that while holidaymakers may have to spend extra cash on flights to far-flung destinations, they could save money on the hotel and activities while away.

However, Brits may be unwise to try and save money by skimping on holiday and travel insurance, as this could prove costly in the long run.

Medical care abroad could be extremely expensive for a tourist who has no holiday insurance cover.

Mr Daly noted that people in the UK are prepared to cut back on luxuries - such as new cars or home improvements - in order to afford a getaway.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that while visits to a number of countries dropped last year, some countries saw increases in visitors, including Romania and Egypt.


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