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Brits should 'shop around' for best value holiday spots

23 January 2009 17:49

Brits should 'shop around' for best value holiday spots

British holidaymakers should do their research in order to book holidays which offer the best value for money.

That is according to, which has advised travellers to "shop around" if they want to feel the benefit of falling prices.

Managing director Nigel Pocklington said that one of the best locations for a value for money break could be Las Vegas, but that will depend on the exchange rate.

He commented: "Prices are coming down, but British holidaymakers are not necessarily going to feel that benefit because of the pound coming down fast.

"They are going to have to shop around for places where the pound has still held its value, or the places where there has been a particularly sharp fall in rates."

Mr Pocklington went on to say that another good choice of holiday spot could be Rekyavvik in Iceland.

He added: "It was actually quite an expensive place to go, but year on year we have seen the prices fall seven per cent for sterling spending customers, which makes it quite good value."