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Holidaymakers suffering from lack of thought

26 January 2009 09:02

Holidaymakers suffering from lack of thought

Holidaymakers are failing to put the right level of thought into their overseas journeys, it has been stated.

Pauline Crowe, chief executive of Prisoners Abroad, a company that specialises in safeguarding the human rights of Brits abroad, has stated that because overseas travel has become so quick and easy, people are failing to adequately prepare.

One thing travellers are advised to organise is their travel insurance to make sure they are covered for a range of disasters that could spoil a holiday, such as flight cancellations or lost luggage.

Ms Crowe added that in the past holidaymakers did lots of research before travelling looking into where they were going and the culture they may need to incorporate. Now people are often unaware of foreign laws because of the rush to get away and enjoy themselves.

An example quoted by Ms Crowe stated: "A lot of tourists come across the issue of how much skin you can show, for example. We know that in an awful lot of countries it's inappropriate to show bare shoulders, which is entirely appropriate over here. People don't tend to think."

Statistics from Prisoners Abroad show that 47 per cent of all British prisoners have been locked up because of drug offences.ADNFCR-1320-ID-18675128-ADNFCR