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Lost luggage 'could be history'

26 January 2009 10:02

Lost luggage 'could be history'

Lost luggage has caused a hassle for many worldwide holidaymakers over time but Tariffman believes it has come up with a solution to the problem.

Tariffman, the wireless communication provider, has created a small Velo GPS and GPM tracking device, which travellers can put into their luggage.

Company sales manager Kerri Adams said: "By placing the tiny Velo GPS tracking device inside your luggage before you travel, you stand a much higher chance of being able to locate it should it get lost simply by texting it, or looking online."

She added that although the device is unable to prevent the luggage going missing in the first place, it should be much easier to locate once it has.

This development would mean airport sensor changes will be necessary but the device could save both airports and travel insurance companies a lot of money in the long term, lowering the number of man-hours spent looking for lost items, the number of complaints from travellers and the amount of compensation paid out.

The New Zealand Press reported yesterday that around 42 million bags were lost last year.ADNFCR-1320-ID-18596077-ADNFCR