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Travel insurance 'essential' for Christmas shopping overseas

26 January 2009 12:12

Travel insurance 'essential' for Christmas shopping overseas

As Christmas approaches, thousands of travellers are heading overseas to take advantage of the strong pound for their Christmas shopping.

Holiday accommodation provider has found that a record number of Britons are heading abroad to find some unusual and bargain gifts for their loved ones, as well as to get away from the stress of the UK.

Some of the most popular shopping destinations are Cologne, Berlin and Budapest, according to the website's study, although thousands of travellers head to New York each year to do their shopping.

Gareth Hockey, the firm's marketing manager, said: "Rather than being restricted to UK prices, people see that a real bargain can be had by going abroad and want to make the most of the opportunity to buy truly original gifts for their loved ones."

But anyone heading away with their bags stuffed full of gifts should consider double-checking their travel insurance, experts warn.

Travellers should aim to take out travel insurance which will cover them and their purchases should anything go missing, get stolen or break.