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Early bookers 'are planning to go without travel insurance cover'

09 February 2010 08:24

Early bookers 'are planning to go without travel insurance cover'

Worrying new research has revealed that a large number of people planning to travel before the end of February are planning to penny-pinch by going without travel insurance cover.

Despite the potential disasters this could unleash upon them should something go wrong, 1.14 million people said they have not bought any kind of travel policy and do not plan to before they jet off, Sainsbury's found.

Joanne Mallon, spokesperson for the company, said that travel insurance should be viewed as equally important as a passport.

"Anyone travelling abroad on holiday should ensure they have good quality insurance," she urged Britons, pointing out that it will cover things ranging from holiday cancellations to accidents.

Even if you fall into what some insurance companies view as "awkward" - i.e. you need travel insurance for an existing medical condition or you are an OAP - or you are worried about the cost, it is never a good idea to go without travel insurance.

If you were seriously injured or - heaven forbid - your tour operator went bust, you are likely to be left seriously out of pocket without a suitable policy to cover the costs.

To reduce the cost of your insurance, you could try swapping to a different kind of policy, for example, a cheap annual travel insurance if you plan to go abroad more than once.

Give us a call if you're trying to find a policy to suit you and we'll do our utmost to sort you out without breaking the bank.

In case you were wondering, Sainsbury's found that 46 per cent of the people going on holiday in early 2010 plan to go somewhere in Europe, while six per cent want to go to Asia and five per cent are thinking of going to the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, in other holiday news, Which? Holiday has urged Brits to check the small print on their terms and conditions when they hire a car.

A recent survey by the firm discovered that many firms are not providing enough information when they rent vehicles out, potentially putting holidaymakers at risk of footing large bills if an accident occurs and they find they are not covered. stressed the need to make sure that your own motor insurance policy will cover everything before signing a contract.

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