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Economic slowdown 'not affecting holiday sales'

26 January 2009 11:37

Economic slowdown 'not affecting holiday sales'

Britons are continuing to book their summer holidays regardless of the current economic crisis, according to reports.

Bookings are even up on some areas, including luxury and week-long deals, with discounts of up to 30 per cent and additional free child places encouraging potential travellers to book now rather than wait for last-minute deals.

Ian Bradley of the Association of Independent Tour Operators told the Observer: "The gloomy financial outlook doesn't seem to be making people feel they shouldn't book a holiday – in fact quite the opposite: people are planning their escape."

A change in attitudes means that foreign trips are not necessarily the first thing that's cut when economic environments change in Britain, experts say.

"Holidays are increasingly seen as a necessity rather than a luxury, and people want to ensure they will get the break they need," Mr Bradley said.

"Turkey, Egypt and Portugal are selling particularly fast at the moment."

And, despite the credit crunch making consumers even more wary about what they spend their money on, travel insurance is one necessity that should not be skimped on, just in case something goes wrong when outside the UK.