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Expatriates still require travel insurance

23 January 2009 17:43

Expatriates still require travel insurance

Expatriates may consider themselves part of the community wherever they end up, but they are more likely to require travel insurance than their peers, it has been argued.

That is because they like to explore their home nation and are provided new and exciting opportunities to easily discover the surrounding regions, according to Shelter Offshore.

With so many retirees moving abroad for their twilight years, a large proportion also has much more time to explore, and should not forget to take out travel insurance for over 65’s if they leave their new home nation.

The overseas property specialist added that some territories also require holiday insurance to traverse between different provinces of the country.

Shelter Offshore explained that expats in Europe find that most countries in the continent are within touching distance, while those going Down Under can easily explore New Zealand and Asia.

Recently, the London branch of the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism claimed that the country is seeing high levels of holiday demand despite the global financial crisis.