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A family that plays together stays together!

17 May 2011 09:29

Large family on a beach

Large family on a beach

Going on holiday with your extended family and friends can be great fun for all. You share the excitement and anticipation altogether and the responsibilities for researching and booking the holiday, independent trips and activities, car hire and travel insurance.

It will certainly take more thinking about and planning. But if you are sensitive to and realistic about the different needs of your extended group, express your likes and dislikes upfront and lay some ground rules at the outset, a large family holiday should be a memorable occasion you will all treasure.

When on holiday, the younger ones have more playmates to amuse themselves with, parents can share responsibilities and take turns to elope to do something for themselves the kids might not favour and grandparents may venture that little bit further, feeling safer and supported in the company of their family. And there are lots more people to muck in with the chores that never go away – cooking, cleaning and childcare.

This type of holiday, where three generations stay together, is proving more and more popular so much so it now has its own term and is known as the 'greycation.' It has other advantages too. In lean times it's a cheaper way to holiday. Pooling your resources may enable you to take a holiday abroad rather than sticking to the UK. ABTA recorded that 41% of bookings last year were for large family groups of between five to ten people. Holiday companies predict that this year the greycation will be huge.

But many find their holiday plans hit a hurdle when it comes to booking travel insurance for members of the 'first generation' that have health issues. It is essential that you disclose any pre-existing medical condition to your insurer to get adequate cover should you need treatment relating to this when you are away from home. Failure to do so may result in your insurer rejecting any claim for medical care associated with a pre-existing condition.

Often people start their search for holiday insurance at price comparison sites. Quotes that are generated from initial searches will not take into consideration your medical history and when the required information is supplied the cost of the policy can easily triple or be refused. Specialist travel insurance company World First recommends people look at specific types of insurance, such as seniors travel insurance or medical travel insurance, it should give far better results and save you time, money and worry in the process. World First Travel Insurance has more than 35 years in the specialist travel insurance market and will cover hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions and insure people up to 100 years old. Many of their customers come to them having tried to get cover from 'standard insurers' who add a heavy increase in the premium for a pre-existing medical condition or exclude it from their policy.