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Benefits of family travel insurance

12 February 2011 13:00

Benefits of family travel insurance

People taking out family travel insurance policies may not be aware of the added benefits associated with the policy.

Travel insurance specialist, World First Travel Insurance, is advising families to consider taking out a family policy when planning all of their holidays for the year. A family travel insurance policy can also be used for individual travellers named on the policy and children travelling independently of their parents on school trips or other holidays when accompanied by an adult.

Family travel insurance policies offer great value for money and can cover up to two adults and four children on the same policy. Single parent family travel insurance offers the same benefits for all individuals named on the policy and covers one adult and up to four children.

Getting an annual travel insurance policy for a family holiday means that any future holidays booked during the next 12 months will also be covered and, importantly, all named individuals will be covered, whether they travel as a family or not.

Martin Rothwell, managing partner of World First Travel Insurance said: "With February half term just around the corner and Easter and summer breaks already being planned, families can find some great deals on holidays. Whether it's a sporting adventure, a relaxing beach holiday or a ski break, family travel insurance is a great way to save money in the long run.

"We have found that many people don't realise that once they have a family policy they are covered for any future holidays during the duration of the policy. Often people will contact us for an individual policy for a business trip or to try to find cover for their children who are going on a school trip, without realising they are already covered. I would like to encourage anyone with a family who may be planning a holiday to consider a family policy as an easy and cost effective way to get cover for the family unit, as well as all of the individual members of the family."

Family travel insurance can be tailored to suit individuals and can cover European or Worldwide trips where each holiday can last up to either 31 or 62 days at a time. Family policies can also include cover for pregnant women, travelling with a young baby and children under the age of 18.